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New Samsung Gear VRSamsung have officially announced the new Samsung Gear VR alongside the Galaxy Note 7. Despite the similar appearance of the new Samsung Gear VR, Samsung have made a few notable improvements to the headset.

Increased field of view: The new headset boasts a 101 degree field of view, up from 96 degrees for the previous Samsung Gear VR. This change is also the reason this headset will be slightly larger.

Darker colours: Samsung have done away with the white and grey colour scheme of the previous headset. This is not just for aesthetic purposes, it is actually to reduce light leakage and reflections on the lenses as can be experienced in former Gear VRs.

Dedicated home button: The new Gear VR headset now has a dedicated home button on the side panel for ease of use. The user will no longer have to hold down a button for a few seconds to return to Oculus Home.

Connections: This headset will have a USB C connection for it to be compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Also included within the box will be a Micro USB adaptor to allow backwards compatibility with handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 houses a 5.7 inch, quad-HD, super AMOLED screen to greatly increase the user experience within the Gear VR. It also features 64 GB of storage alongside a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 820 quad core processor and 3,500 mAh battery. The Note 7  will both run Android Marshmallow out of the box.