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Samsung HMD Odyssey Hire

Get immersed into virtual worlds using the power of Windows Mixed Reality. Move with freedom, talk to friends and be surrounded by amazing graphics & 360-degree sound.

A headset that’s easy to setup and designed to be comfortable.

  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Dual 3.5″ AMOLED (1440×1600 dots)
  • 110∘ Field of view
  • AKG 360∘ Spatial Sound

Platform: Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality
Display: Dual 3.5” AMOLED ; 1440*1600@90Hz/60Hz
Interface: HDMI2.0+USB3.0 Interface Bounded Cable (13.1 ft. length)
Lens: Single Fresnel
Field of View: 110
IPD: 60 – 72mm range
Camera: 6 DOF camera * 2
Sensor: 6-Axis ACC & Gyro ; 3-Axis Compass ; Proximity sensor ; IPD Sensor
Acoustics: 2 MIC support Cortana ; built-in headphone (AKG Brand)
Volume: IPD adjustment
Tracking Area: No Limit (Inside-out)
Built-in Mic: Array MICs
Built-in Audio: Spatial Audio (AKG)
Controller: 6 DOF Controller / Xbox One Controller Support
Connections: HDMI, USB3.0

HTC Vive Pro Hire Service
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Bespoke Content Service

Want to stand out from the crowd and use bespoke VR content for your next marketing campaign?

Blue Hire are able to create VR content in a variety of ways: 360 Video Using the latest in 360 camera technology we can shoot, stitch and edit 360 video content for you. We have traveled the world filming for our clients and know exactly what is required to deliver outstanding 360 videos. We have a Matterport Pro 2 camera and we can create crisp and clean 360 tours of venues, properties, yachts or even planes. Content can be added to your website or even added to Google maps.

Interactive VR- Interactive VR games and experiences is truly the most immersive and engaging content available to date. Put on one of our VR headsets and get lost in another world. We can create content to your specification and fully brand it. Allow users to experience your brand like never before. Augmented Reality- Mix reality with computer generated images. Using the Microsoft Hololens, Meta 2, Magic Leap, iPhone, iPad or Android device, we can create content that allows users to interact with the world in a way that was considered fiction just a few years ago.

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