HTC Vive Hire

The HTC Vive is one of the dominant VR headsets at the moment. The HTC Vive offers some of the best games/software available at the moment and is capable of doing what no other virtual reality headset can; room scale. If you hire the HTC Vive for your event, the opportunities of what you could achieve are endless. HTC Vive hire is excellent for exhibitions, product launches, corporate events or even parties.

There is already a wide variety of games and experiences for the HTC Vive on Steam.

Whats included:

HTC Vive Headset
2x Base Station
2x Base Station Power Supplies
2x Hand Controller
2x USB charger
2x USB Mini cables
2x Tri-Pods
Link Box
HDMI Cable
USB Cable

*A high spec gaming PC & Steam account is required to use the HTC Vive.

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